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Dear clients of CW Group in Menorca.

Unfortunately, after the lockdown, we have not been able to find a trustworthy agent in Menorca who can represent our company.
For this reason we ask you to visit one of the most reputable real estate agencies in Menorca. Please click on this link and visit the agency in Menorca with the best portfolio.

We wish you good luck in finding your dream property.

Christian Wolf

CW Group Team
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Cala Canutels in Menorca

Cala Canutels is a manageable beach on the southern coast that still safeguards the feeling of the old days. On its flanks we can discover some caves carved into the rocks, which are used by the fishermen as a depot. Following the rapid growth of the past years, one still feels the undisturbed tranquillity of the surrounding settlement of the beach.

Cala Canutels