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Food and drink in Menorca

The cuisine of Menorca is natural and honest, in a large number of about 440 restaurants with a wide culinary offer. and with room for 26200 guests. Here no wish remains unfulfilled. The number of forks is an easily recognizable quality feature of the island's government. A fork symbolizes a good but simple quality and three forks for the top gastronomy. For bars the quality characteristics are (cups) and for cafeterias (cups). One symbol indicates the simplest quality, three the top offer.

There is a top offer here and the right one for every purse. The original Arabic and Catalan basic recipes are raised to the next taste level by French and English components. Almost a third of Menorca's restaurants are purely holiday establishments with a more or less good international offer such as beefsteak, chicken, hamburgers and occasionally also fish and often with a large portion of French fries and a little salad.

In the many first classical restaurants many local products are offered from own cultivation and much catch-fresh fish as well as seafood. Top chefs serve typical Menorcan vegetables such as tomatoes, artichokes, peas, beans, onions, potatoes, carrots and cabbage, as well as game, veal, lamb, pork, fish and seafood. The typical local spice with garlic, olive oil and herbs such as thyme and rosemary, it is unmistakable and an unforgettable pleasure.

For an upscale menu, the Caldera, lobster in delicate vegetable broth with two cloves of garlic, onions, tomato, seasoned with two tablespoons of cognac, parsley and leek. The live lobster is prepared in a saucepan with this special broth for culinary delicacies. The portion has a proud price of 65,-, but is worth every cent.

Another Menorcian speciality is already to be found at the airport, true mountains of Ensaïmadas, spiral-shaped, airy yeast pastries, which can be ordered in different sizes and different fillings. The Crema (pudding) or Cabello de Angel with pumpkin jam then Nata (whipped cream) can be found in most bakeries on the island.

In addition to sausage specialities, you will find pork and paprika sausages all over the island, your name is Sobrasada, very recognizable by its characteristic red colour. It is also served in slices, often fried and combined with honey. Blood sausages ( Butifarrones ) and coarse salami with pepper ( Carn i Xulla ) are also very popular, as is the famous Menorca cheese ( Queso Mahón-Menorca ) which is offered all over.

What can be found everywhere on Menorca is a homemade gin that came to Menorca with the English. A distillery still produces it according to old recipes in the port of Maó. What you should definitely try is the Pellofa diluted with gin, gin.

With soda and served with a lemon peel. A very popular drink on Menorca holidays, as well as the herb liqueur Herbes (Herbes in Spanish for herbs). Especially Pomada is drunk, a mix of gin and lemonade.

The Herbes is a sweet yellowish herbal liqueur. (Spanish hierbas, "herbs") originally comes from Ibiza, the Balearic island Ibiza further west. But it is also available on Menorca in many excellent specimens. Two regional liqueurs are the typical Menorcan camomile liqueur and a liqueur made from the fruits of the carob tree, the Palo.

Other specialities:

Baked Eggplants Baked Eggplants

Aubergine halves are baked in the oven and filled with spices bread and egg.

Baked Courgettes Baked Courgettes

Same preparation as baked aubergines

Rough Rice Rough Rice

Rice pot with meat, garlic, herbs, black pudding, peas and beans.

Stuffed Squid Stuffed Squid

Squids are sautéed and filled with a mixture of egg, pine nuts, parsley, garlic and chopped bread roll and braised in the oven.

Vegetable Cake Vegetable Cake

Yeast dough plates topped with vegetables