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Unfortunately, after the lockdown, we have not been able to find a trustworthy agent in Menorca who can represent our company.
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Hiking tour over the Cami de Cavalls

The Cami de Cavalls was founded in 1330 by King James II as a defence strategy, with a series of bank paths connecting several surveillance towers to secure the island. The path was walked by soldiers on horseback and its name "Cami de Cavalls" originates from the Menorcan vernacular for riding path.

A few hundred years later, during the French occupation, the path was prolonged and was later rebuilt by the English during their reign in the XVIII century. It was reused by the British during their reign in the XVIII century, with the same objective of safeguarding the island and its transport network.

Today, thanks to the recent restoration by the local civilian population, promoted by the local community, the entire trail is fully accessible. The route is divided into 20 stages and offers a varied landscape with wooded paths, rocky cliff paths and idyllic country lanes, all of which offer gentle to more lively walking experiences. Some routes are suitable for mountain bikers, others offer a route that allows sturdy baby carriages. Over a distance of 220 km it offers access to an otherwise inaccessible coastline with marvellous panoramic views, virgin white beaches with crystal-clear water and beautiful lakes and coves.

The best route is from Es Grau to Favàritx.

The preferred route is from Es Grau to Favàritx. The walk is about 8 km long and lasts about 3 hours and is situated in the Albufera nature reserve. There is so much to see, caves, marshes, islands, dunes and white beaches that can only be reached on foot, so you will undoubtedly want to stop and enjoy the scenery! (Tip: Take your camera with you to make these moments immortal). In some hilly regions the road is rather bumpy, so a good pair of trainer shoes or hiking boots is highly recommended. The sparsely populated environment is a habitat for rare and endangered animal and plant species, so please pay attention to all warning and information signs and remember to lock the gates! If you are a bird lover, you will be able to admire a wide variety of native and migratory seabirds and birds of prey, as Menorca hosts over 200 different species.

Rutas Menorca
Address: Xauxa Menorca SL, Carrer Mirada del Toro, 71, 2°, 07740 Es Mercadal
Phone: (+34) 685 74 76 29

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